Casa Vin 'Arte


There are a million reasons why you should make wine at Casa Vin 'Arte.

Unfortunately we are only allowed to list six, by law. (That's not really true)

1)  It will save you a fortune.  You can make 28-30 bottles of Brunello with us for about $11 a bottle!  A comparable Brunello is easily $40-$60 a bottle in stores.  

2)  It is delicious.  Honestly.   

3)  Extremely low sulfides mean pure taste and no headaches.  ( Not kidding!  No wine headache!)

4)  It's fun!  Alone or with a group we will have fun!  As many wine facts as you like or just music, relaxation and pure enjoyment!

5)  You get to brag about how you ( yes you!) made the wine you are serving for dinner or giving as gifts to friends, family and clients or for a wedding!  IMAGINE making your own wine for your wedding !! 

6)  It's a new adventure and hobby.  Something you can do for years to come.  Some of our vintners have been coming here for over 12 years!